What are private cooking classes?

The best way to accelerate your learning and take the confusion of healthy vegan cooking is to take a class with me in person! I teach in all across Southwestern Ontario (or elsewhere if you want to fly me there!) It can be in my home cooking studio or in your home.

A private class is an intensive hands-on learning experience. We go through all the steps of preparing and cooking meals, and we snack too! We talk about everything from nutrition to cooking techniques – you bring any questions you have.

A cooking class can be a one-on-one learning experience, or for you and your family, friends or colleagues (just scroll down for class descriptions and pricing!)

Just some of what you will learn in a private vegan cooking class…

  • My signature ‘Meal Mapping’ system to make your life easier!
  • How to work without recipes, and how to make recipes flexible
  • How to use spices and specific appliances used in the vegan diet
  • How to work with whole foods, and gluten-free, allergy friendly ingredients
  • The tricks that will save you time and money when preparing, shopping and cooking
  • How to store and prepare unfamiliar foods
  • How to make sure you’re getting proper nutrition
  • Simple knife skills
  • And MORE!

Learning to cook vegan whole foods will bring you benefits for life.

I created the Core Vegan Cooking Skills series to cover the foundations and building blocks of whole food vegan cooking

Magic Beans and Lentils


If you’ve ever thought beans and lentils were boring, think again! This class breaks down all the amazing things you can do with these versatile nutritional powerhouses. We’ll learn how to make them more delicious, how to use the pressure cooker, soaking and cooking techniques, including making 3 dishes in 20 minutes!

Sneak peek at the menu: Lebanese Red Lentil Soup, Coconut curry dal, Middle eastern chickpea salad- 2 ways, Lemon Dill Hummus, Black bean tacos, Mexican bean patties

Greens in Every Meal


When you look at actual nutritional needs (not Canada’s Food Guide), you’ll see that we need plenty of alkaline leafy greens in our diet, but how on earth do we eat this many greens a day? The trick is to incorporate them into your foods instead of eating massive salads everyday (unless that’s what you love).

In this class we’ll make sauces, soups, stews and smoothies that have greens in them. We’ll also learn how to improve the texture of kale and collard, making raw wraps, homemade broth and how to make green smoothies without the green taste!

Sneak Peek at the Menu:  Pear Green Smoothie, Kale Caesar Salad, Quinoa Tabouli, Raw Spring Rolls, Asian Collard Salad, Zucchini Pasta and Deep Greens Pesto

Herbs, Spices & Global Flavours


Part of creating variety in the whole food vegan diet is knowing how to work with a few simple spices, and learning how to combine those. Working with spices and fresh herbs brings out flavour and life to your dishes.

In this class we’ll cover some key spices and simple combination to make distinct tasting dishes from different regions. Your class includes a take home recipe package of over a dozen simple spice blends and tips for getting the flavours you love in no time.

Sneak Peek at the Menu: Thai Soup with Lemongrass and Kaffir Lime, Easy Moroccan tagine, Oil free herb dressing with greens, Korean Sweet potato noodle salad, Misir Wot- Ethiopian Red Lentil Stew

Gluten-Free Grains


In the North American diet we have made such little use of grains except rice, and more recently, Quinoa. As a whole food vegan cook you’ll learn how to incorporate all kinds of grains into amazing dishes and textures, learn to cook them different ways, and improve their nutrition by the preparation techniques you use.

Sneak Peek at the MenuOvernight Oats, Kasha and Miso Veg Bowl, Millet Zucchini Patties, Quinoa Cauliflower balls, Amaranth Bars

Everything Nuts and Seeds


Nuts and seeds are a true staple in the whole food vegan diet. Not only are they are great source of protein, iron, calcium and good fats, they create wonderful textures like creamy sauces, milks, loaves, burgers and baked goods.

In this class we’ll learn how to make simple nutrient dense dishes that can be repurposed using any nuts and seeds.

A sneak peek at the menu: Sweet Almond Milk, Nutty Parmesan, Wholefood Sunflower Loaf, Raw Greek Sunflower Pate, Raw Tacos, Herbed Cashew Spread

Raw Nourishing Sweets


Most people have a bit of a sweet tooth. While the best sweets for us are fruits, sometimes you want something a little more decadent! Learning to make raw desserts using nutrient dense foods is a great way to get your sweet fix while still getting nutrition. You won’t even notice that these desserts are healthy and they’re so easy to make!

Sneak Peek at the Menu:  Moroccan date truffles, Raw Simple Sweetener, Walnut Chocolate Brownies with icing, Chocolate Pudding, Coconut whipped cream, Chia Fruit Pudding

Investing in a class or coaching is an investment in your life and you can expect benefits. What can you hope for?

For Your Health

  • Improved digestion

    Animal proteins clog up your system and make your digestion and elimination slow. This packs on pounds, and allows toxins to accumulate in your system. Plant-based foods move through your system more quickly keeping you energized.

  • Glowing Skin

    A lot of processed and animal foods, especially dairy, leave your complexion looking dull and clogging your pores. A whole food vegan diet allows for better detoxification and radiant skin!

  • Weight loss or weight maintenance

    Dieting isn’t necessary when you feed your body nutrient dense foods and eat until you’re satisfied. When you eat whole foods you’ll feel fuller, and you’ll keep your weight in check.

  • Prevention of lifestyle diseases

    It is medically proven (just read the China Study!) that animal-based foods lead to diseases like heart disease, type 2 Diabetes and more. A diet based on unprocessed plant-based foods will help you prevent a whole host of diseases brought on by poor diet.

  • Superior overall long-term health

    It’s important not just to avoid disease, but to stay energized, and to keep your body running as efficiently as possible. A balanced vegan diet is the best diet on the planet and will help keep you healthy for life.

Make Your Life Easier

  • Simpler meals at home and more time to enjoy them
  • Less time shopping for and preparing food
  • More variety in your meals
  • No more guessing what to eat everyday
  • Save money (processed and animal-based foods are expensive)


Increase Your Impact!

  • You’re saving your own life! You’ll be healthier and around longer for the people you love
  • You’re saving the lives of animals and changing the demand for meat, dairy and eggs
  • You’re doing your part for the planet (animal agriculture is the #1 contributor to climate change)

Cooking Class Pricing

Class in Toronto studio$390

A class in my home studio lasts 3.5 hours. Come alone or bring 2 more people.

A class in your Toronto/GTA home$450

A 3.5 hour class for up to 3 people at your home. You purchase food before our class. Additional immediate family members are free.

Personal Designed classadd $60

If you can't find a class theme that meets your needs we can put the perfect class together for you.

Additional people in your class$100 p/person

Have more than 3 people in your class? Save with more people!

Additional Services

Vegan Coaching

Please see coaching packages on the next page.

Health Food Store Tour$150

Join me on a tour of my favourite health food store in Toronto and learn about new and essential foods.

Pantry Makeover$200

I will come to your home to do a full 2 hour pantry cleansing and makeover, put together a shopping list and send you recommendations.

Class & mini pantry makeover combo$499

Combine your class with a mini-pantry makeover and transform your kitchen and cooking.

How much do you value your life?

My guess is that you’re here because you want to change your life NOW, not later. And you want to make sure you’re doing it the right way.

I know that an investment like this can seem like a lot.

You know the value of a massage, or what you get when you go out for dinner.

A dinner only lasts an evening, and it may or may not make lasting memories.

A massage only lasts an hour, and the results may last you a short while.

Learning vegan cooking is a skill you’ll have for life.

So are you worth investing in?

Do you want to have the kind of impact on yourself, and on the world that lasts a lifetime?

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Become a better cook, get healthy and get more vegan into your life!

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