Vegan Coaching FOR YOU

What is a coach anyways?

Think of me as your tour guide to everything in the world of vegan food.

It isn’t a one-size-fits all solution. As your coach I design a program for you, and with you, to support your lifestyle and needs. I work to build the most effective way to help you meet your goals.

Have you ever wished you could get even the most personal or specific questions answered? The kind that you can’t find answers to on the Internet? Life is more complex than recipes and sometimes you need someone you can trust to help you find the answers. Google isn’t always there for you.

There are so many things to consider when you’re changing your lifestyle and diet.

You’re probably wondering what appliances you really need, how to use them, what to put in your pantry, and where to shop.

How do you fit cooking into your schedule?

Maybe you have different diets in your home as well.

If you have food sensitivities or allergies, or are trying to meet certain weight loss, fitness or nutrition goals, you’ll want to align your cooking with this.

When you’re already really busy it can be invaluable to have someone who can help you ‘figure it all out’ in an efficient way, without facing the health pitfalls.

I’ve been where you are. I learned the long way. The hard way. But as your coach, I’ll make sure you don’t have to.


I was vegetarian, overweight, I had irritable bowel syndrome, candida, I was a new vegan, and I relied on veggie dogs and processed food too. I’m also busy, I’m a mom, and I don’t shop at Whole Foods.

I can help you discover ideal health, raise your energy levels, eat according to your values, and I will guide you to being a whole food vegan cook. I can help you do this in less time and in a way that’s simple and enjoyable!

When you learn with me, we will learn at your pace. After we’re done, you will have skills for life.

Vegan Food Coaching is a combination of specifically designed resources, tips and classes to meet your needs.
You can talk to me when you need to. My students ALWAYS have questions after we’ve had a class together.
To learn more about classes and the benefits of coaching you can click here.
When you sign up for a package with me you’ll get outstanding value and support. The packages are outlined below.

Vegan Coaching Packages

  • 3 class coaching package.

    * 3 custom designed cooking classes
    *one pantry makeover
    *1 month of unlimited email support
    $1650 value. PACKAGE COST. $1199.00

  • 4 class coaching package

    * 4 custom designed cooking classes
    *one pantry makeover
    *2 months of unlimited email support
    $2,200 value. PACKAGE COST. $1599.00

  • 6 class coaching package (get one free class!)

    * 5 custom designed cooking classes (plus one extra class spread over 5 of our classes)
    *one pantry makeover
    *3 months of unlimited email support
    $3,200 value. PACKAGE COST. $1999

Call me (it's free!) so we can see if we're a good match.

Choosing a coach is something you can't do online. I like to put a voice to a name and I'd like to see if I can help you reach your goals. Click here for my phone number!

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