Welcome to Vegan Bites!

Hello You.

This feels a little surreal writing this since I’ve wanted to start a blog for five years now. Yes, five long years but the inner perfectionist in me just hadn’t got there, wasn’t sure what I wanted to present to the world, and so on.

If you’ve landed here you’re wondering what you can expect to hear from me, and since I have your attention I want to make it worth it!

The world of the Internet is so full of good information, beautiful things and tons of garbage that I want to make sure I can give you something special, significant, and different from what you’ll find out there.

Vegan Bites is a biweekly blog (for now! I may start doing it more often when my baby boy is a bit older) that will bring you ‘bites’ of information like:

  • Inspiration for your kitchen and cooking
  • Basic vegan recipes that are 30 minutes or much less to prepare
  • Vegan cooking tips and hacks to make your life simpler
  • How to use everyday foods in ways that you might not have thought of
  • Basic nutrition and practical information that will benefit your health
  • Vegan lifestyle news that I find captivating or inspiring
  •  Tips on how to make your cooking, shopping and “meal planning” more efficient.

You won’t find the most beautiful food pictures on the planet (no, I’m not going to try to compete with those amazing food photographers, but I’ll make them as pretty as possible!) and you won’t find the most complex recipes around, but you will find really valuable information that you can apply to your lifestyle.

 Vegan Bites is going to show you how to make your life more simple, delicious and nutritious!

If you’d like to stay connected to the blog as well as to get your copy of the Whole Food Vegan Pantry (you can sign up below) I encourage you to sign up to the newsletter where I’ll also send you the occasional special offer, insider news as well as free goodies only available to my special subscribers!

Thanks so much for being here, I’m happy to have you as part of the Know thy Food community!

Enjoy 🙂



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