Free Pantry Makeover

Cooking doesn’t have to be hard, but not having the right pieces in place can make it hard.

 Whether you’re new to being vegan, just trying it out or a long time vegan, one thing is for sure.

The essential ingredient to creating healthy meals in less time is

A stocked pantry full of whole foods 

  • It saves time so you’re not going shopping all the time
  • It will keep you from using the same ingredients over and over
  • It inspires your cooking when you see ingredients in pretty clear jars!
  • It is the key to my signature Meal Mapping technique!
  • It prevents you from relying on processed, unhealthy, expensive vegan foods

If you’ve ever wondered what foods are part of a healthy vegan diet (besides fruits and veggies) look no further! I’ve put together a complete list of whole foods along with explanations, storage and cooking tips.

Little by little you can start incorporating new foods into your pantry and into your diet. When you have a nicely stocked pantry you’ll have enough variety to be a truly creative cook!

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