Hi I’m Kristen. I cook and I teach.

I’m a vegan food educator, here to help you transform the way you cook, the way you feel and to thrive with vegan food!

Why Know thy Food exists…

I believe ANYONE can learn to cook and LOVE vegan food. Real Food. That means you won’t notice that you’re eating dairy-free, meat-free, gluten-free, refined sugar-free, allergy-friendly food. You’re just going to learn to make delicious food.
I believe that cooking is a creative process and that you don’t need to be a chef to use your creativity. Having a deeper understanding of how cooking works will bring out your creativity and have you moving far beyond recipes.
A few skills, techniques and tools can totally transform your cooking, your health and the world!

A future pantry perfectionist…

Yup. this is me as a wee one playing with lentils and beans. Who knew I would be doing this many years later.

How it all started

I’ve loved cooking and playing with food for as long as I can remember. I’ve always been what I like to call a creative cook. I think all of us have one inside of us!
And even though I was vegetarian for almost 20 years, I wasn’t always healthy. I was a little overweight as a teenager, and as a young adult I suffered from candida, a weakened digestive system from traveling (and lots of street food!) and irritable bowel syndrome. My studies in nutrition began when I decided to heal myself without drugs.
Fast forward until five years ago.
I was wandering around a vegan festival where I met some of the people that would change my life forever. They sent me a few videos that taught me about the horrors of the dairy and egg industry. It was then that I had my ‘Aha’ moment. (Maybe you’ve had one of those too!)
Once I became a passionate vegan, I decided to combine my years of teaching and cooking experience to help some people become healthy cooks, and to help transform others into happy thriving vegans!

Before becoming a ‘vegucator’

I’ve been managing environmental projects, teaching composting and languages (among other things) over the past 20 years.  I have a background in Environmental Studies and Spanish though it’s really not that far off from what I do now.
I love to teach. And I love the planet and to discover its languages, cultures and foods. And I’ve always had a passion for health and food. And I believe animals deserve love and not to be eaten.
From all of this love, came Know thy Food.

But Enough About Me…

Tell me about you! I know you’re here because you could use a little help learning about healthy vegan cooking, or navigating the vegan lifestyle.

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