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Cook food you love to eat

Sure you want to be healthy, but not instead of eating delicious food! If you’ve tried to cook vegan but it tastes bland or boring, it shouldn’t!

I’ll show you how to work with spices and ingredient combinations to create the most flavourful dishes ever

Eat food that makes you healthy.

Vegan is not synonymous with healthy; in fact I’ve met many unhealthy vegans. If you’re not feeling like your best self, then it’s time to learn to cook with whole, unprocessed foods.

Not a lot of recipe blogs and cookbooks will tell you which foods work best for your body. Everything you’ll learn with me is using gluten-free, unrefined, whole foods.



Learn skills, not recipes.

If you’re glued to a recipe book when you’re looking for meal ideas, not only does take a lot of time, but it’s not always as fun as using your creativity.

While many cooking videos and classes will have you learning fabulous recipes, all you end up with is a recipe! I’ll show you the tools, skills, appliances and tricks to creating meals based on the foundations and building blocks of whole food, vegan cooking.

Have more time for people and things you love.

I’ve never heard someone say they weren’t busy. And whether you love cooking or not, the reality is that you don’t have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen everyday. It’s exhausting trying to plan meals and cook every night!

With my signature Meal Mapping technique I will show you how to save time, batch cook, eliminate food waste, and get creative!

This way you can spend more time enjoying your meal, or doing other things that you love!


Am I a Good Fit for You?

My years as a teacher mean that I’m not a chef trying to impress you, but I’m a guide that will make sure you get the results you’re looking for. I’ll share the skills and secrets I’ve learned, and make sure you learn to cook healthy, simple delicious food.
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